Whats Happening in Term 2

What’s been happening?

We have started 2016 with a bang and an introduction of new teachers, classes and competition classes, also the introduction of new uniforms that look very professional. Classes are growing nicely and we are looking forward to extending our open classes (open jazz, adults, remix and boys) as we move into show preparation.

We would like to personally thank you for all your patience around the new soft- ware ‘Enrolmy’ and uniform orders. We try hard to make everything run smoothly but sometimes things appear out of our control.

Term two invoices will be emailed to you before the end of Term Two and are due week one of Term Two. Please look carefully at the account number on your invoice if you are paying online as the suffix has changed from last year and a lot of you paid into our old ac- count for Term One.

Holiday classes:

As we have had two public holidays falling on Mondays we are having to catch up lessons in the School Holidays for exam classes.
Please place these dates and times in your calendar:

Monday the 18th of April:

3:00- 4:45pm – Jazz 2
4:45-6:45pm – Jazz 5
6:30-8pm—Hip Hop competition class intermediate

Tuesday 26th April

5-6:30pm—Hip Hop 4
int. Jazz—time to be organised. Senior Hip Hop 6.30—8.30pm

Uniform Order:

We will be placing another order for Hoodies at the beginning of term two if your dancer would like to keep warm over winter. They are $35 and are available in grey and black. Also if you dancer would like the logo on their dance tights, it only cost $8.00 so please bring in the tights in a named bag.


Competition Class:

Thank-you for signing your child up for this amazing opportunity.

Competition dates:
Northern performing arts—Glenfield College: 18th-23rd July Auckland West Festival of Dance Competitions—27th –29th May Dance Brandz—25th June
Battlegrounds—June 2018 Claudeland event centre (Seniors only) Competition uniforms:
Intermediate crew:


We really proud of all dancers who have taken up the challenge of exams as it takes a lot of discipline and practice. Exams are coming up quickly and have been proposed for June 22nd—July 8th.

Examination fees need to paid to head office by 1st May so exam fees are due by 25th April (second week of the holidays).

Exam fees:

Jazz two—$55
Jazz five—$65
Jazz Pre elem—$70 Jazz Int—$90
Hip Hop 1—$45
Hip Hop 4—$60 Contemporary 2—$60

Medal Test available Uniforms:

Black jazz shoes, black ankle socks. Black tights (logo is optional)
Black or blue eternity singlet
Hair in French plait

Hip Hop:

Eternity tee.
Own pants—black or navy Hip Hop shoes


Toe Undies
Black tights (logo is optional) Black or blue eternity singlet Hair in French plait

Basic Make up is optional

Next Term:

We are starting to organize classes for next term so please let us if your dancer would like to change classes.

Term two dates:

Bring a friend— 4-8th of July

Who could you bring who could be part of the show?

Adults dance class:

Would you like to challenge yourself to be part of our amazing show this year? Well ask about our adult classes.

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