Class Fees 2016

All fees are paid per term and are worked out over 10weeks.

Open Classes (45mins) $80 ,Exam Classes (45mins-1hour) $90
Double Exam Classes (1.5hour) $130
Intermediate Competition Classes (1hour +competition fees and extra practices) $100
Senior Competition Classes (2hours + competition fess and extra practices) $180
Stretch, Leap and Spin (highly recommended for exam students) $25

$10 discount for the second class or second sibling. Fees are payable online or in the studio. Fees are to be paid in week one, or a $10 late fee will apply.


Uniforms are compulsory at Eternity Performing Arts in 2016. We have  updated our uniforms with our new logo. Dancers are able to wear the old or updated uniforms. Uniforms can be purchased through the studio. We believe uniforms look tidy and show discipline.

Jazz: Black Jazz shoes, eternity singlet and dancers own choice of black bike shorts or leggings or eternity tights. Your hair is required to be tied up.

We would encourage exam dancers to purchase the black tights to complete their exam uniform.

Contemporary: Nude toe undies, eternity singlets and own choice of black bike shorts or leggings or eternity tights. Hair is to be tied up.

Hip Hop Exams/Remix: Eternity singlet or tee and dancers choose their own bottoms. For the end year show  hip hop dancers require white shoes but they not compulsory for lessons.

Adults: Dancers choose their own top and bottoms. Eternity uniforms are available to purchase.

Competition dancers: Eternity hoodies need to be worn to competitions, plain white shoes (preferable the same as other dancers in the crew). They will be asked to purchase their competition costume (where possible we will use costumes we have).